Shadows will breathe

Shadows will breathe
"Careful. Evil has a way of making friends with the good and dragging them into the darkness." ~ Dr. Al Robbins

Thursday, May 21, 2015


"Nobody likes a clown at midnight."  ~ Stephen King

So, last night/early morning I awoke and the TV is still on.  I figured I'd hit the sleep timer on my way back from the bathroom.  As I start back to bed, I look at the television screen exactly at the same time as that creepy, crazy clown from the new Poltergeist movie stares back at me.  (clip below) Yeah, I jump a bit.
My heart is racing and I let out a few choice curse words until the preview is over.
After this brief break of sanity, I couldn't help but think of two things:

The first thought that comes to mind is my sister.  
She is terrified of the clowns and I do believe if this would have happened to her she may need some lifelong therapy for it.   (Sorry to call you out, sister.)
Me?  Clowns aren't my thing. Had the face that was staring at me from the TV been one of those creepy, soulless child faces from some haunting horror movie, then yes, I would still be curled up in a fetal position on the floor in my room.
The second thought that came to me was the above quote by Stephen King.
There is so much truth to it that I had to chuckle.  Nobody likes a clown at midnight, or at 4:30 in the morning for that fact.  But as I curled back into bed, I thought of that evil clown face and I decided to take that scare as a sign.
A sign to go and see the movie!
It couldn't have been more clear.
Thus, I'll be checking out the Poltergeist remake this weekend.
I'll let ya know if it's worthy - unless some of you Creepsters have already seen it.
Then, please, let me know your thoughts.
Comment below.

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