Shadows will breathe

Shadows will breathe
"Careful. Evil has a way of making friends with the good and dragging them into the darkness." ~ Dr. Al Robbins

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

In the Dark

What is this darkness you speak of?

Darkness is the deficiency of visible light.
Poetically, it is a term used to convey shadows, evil and foreboding.
Religiously, it is referred to as a plague.

At Night Lights Cast Shadows, I use it to refer to my nightmares.
And although I am fortunate enough to share my darkness with you ~
It is still a battle that I must fight alone.
The writing helps clear my head;
The stories you read give my nightmares a life elsewhere ~a home I no longer have to tend to ~
And yet, as one of my stories are read by you; another shadow creeps in to take its place.
An endless struggle it is, but one I am honored to call my own.

We each have our own Darkness which finds us and feeds on us.
We all have that shadow that follows us around ~
haunting us
waiting to consume us.
It takes on many forms.

For the vain;  it's age.
For the alcoholic;  it's the bottle.
For the politician;  it's corruption.
For the glutton;  it's food.
For the hypocrite;  it's self.
For the liar;  it's the truth.
For the worrier;  it's the mind.
For the heart-broken;  it's love.
For the narcissist;  it's the mirror.
For the poet;  it's emotion.
For the writer;  it's the silence.

No matter what its disguise, it's a darkness.
An eventuality you have to confront;
A fear you are forced to master.
A scar to own and remember.

For me it's the nightmares;
A constant gnawing of the brain;
The sleepless nights filled with sadness, sweats and terror.

For my sister;  it's cancer.
For my friend;  it's his childhood.
For my Earth;  it's pollution.

Don't know what your darkness is?
Hide in the light.
Fight it as long as you can...
because it's hungry and it's patient and you are just within it's grasp...

Stay safe, my Creepsters.
Thank you for all the emails, comments, and inquiries.
Creep on ~

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