Shadows will breathe

Shadows will breathe
"Careful. Evil has a way of making friends with the good and dragging them into the darkness." ~ Dr. Al Robbins

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Afraid of the Dark?

Then, win some light!


Every month we do a contest for all you Creepsters.  It's a chance to test your knowledge and win some great prizes and it gives Night Lights a chance to generate more publicity and love from all of you ~~~  It's a win-win.

This month, we are mixing things up bit.
All month long, we will be doing random drawings to all of you Creepsters who show us some love.
Anytime you comment on any of our media sites; favorite what we do; join us on Twitter; share us to your will be put into the drawing to win one of the following night lights:

Displaying photo.JPG

Every time we see your name, your odds of winning increase.
We'll post all the winners on all of our sites, so keep an eye out...we may need your mailing address.
It could be you!

And remember...
We're watching...

If you're new to our site, check out our: Contest Rules.

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